We continue this incredible saga with the second game, MGS 2.

The story takes place two and a half years after MGS 1. We are in 2007, and the hero, Solid Snake linked up with Otacon (from MGS 1). Together, they created “Philantropy”, a non-governmental organization fighting against Metal Gear proliferation, which are created around the world.

The game is divided into two parts. The first happens on a tanker off New York. According to an anonymous source, a new Metal Gear prototype, developed by the U.S. Marines would be in the tanker. So Snake infiltrates the ship;  he’s not alone, because a group of spetsnaz troops take control of the tanker and kill marines on the deck. Sergei Gurlukovich, a colonel of GRU, and Revolver Ocelot, lead them. Snake faces Olga, the colonel’s daughter, but doesn’t kill her. Next he discovers the new Marines’ weapon, the Metal Gear Ray, an improved and amphibious version of Metal Gear Rex. Shortly after, Ocelot betrays and kills Sergei, he’s there to steal the Metal Gear Ray, or as he says, “to take it back!” When Snake tries to stop him, Ocelot’s personality changes. After his death, Liquid Snake’s arm was grafted onto Ocelot, and when he sees Solid Snake, Liquid takes over his mind. He promises a revenge to his brother, and then after regaining his consciousness, Ocelot sinks the tanker and escapes with the Metal Gear Ray.

The second part of the game takes place two years later. We are in 2009, and following the tanker accident, a decontamination factory called “Big Shell”, was created to clean the water, 30 miles off Manhattan. On April 29, 2009, a terrorist group called the «Sons of Liberty» storms the Big Shell. They are led by Solidus Snake, who is the third clone child of Big Boss, from the “Les Enfants Terribles” project, and also former U.S. president (so his real name is George Sears). This group is composed of Ocelot, a group of three people with special powers called Dead Cell, and Olga Gurlukovich, who came with all her soldiers.

The gamer controls Raiden in this part, a U.S. Special Forces officer, whose mission is to infiltrate the Big Shell, free the hostages, save the current U.S. president from the scene at the time of the attack, and neutralize the terrorists. In parallel, Navy SEAL members attempt an intervention but are massacred by Dead Cell. Raiden meets Iroquois Pliskin, a Navy SEAL lieutenant who helps him to progress. He also meets Dead Cell’s members, and manages to kill one, Fatman, a bomb expert. Then he joins the U.S. president, who reveals the truth about the Big Shell. This is not a decontamination factory, but the development centre of the Arsenal Gear, a gigantic submarine, which houses the GW, a data processing system with supercomputers designed to control the flow of digital information passing on global networks. The President explains that democracy in the United States is a sham and that the country is actually controlled by a secret organization, “the Patriots”. “Politics, the military, the economy … they control everything”. He gives Raiden a disc containing a computer virus, which is able to destroy GW, then Ocelot comes and kills the president.

Raiden escapes and goes to see Emma Emmerich, engineer on the GW project, who knows how to implant the virus, and also half sister of Otacon. She manages to locate the virus, but is seriously hurt by Vamp, a Dead Cell member, who is killed by Raiden, with a headshot. Then she dies in her brother’s arms. The virus doesn’t seem to take effect, thus Iroquois Pliskin, who is in fact Solid Snake, and Raiden, decide to enter into the Arsenal Gear to stop it. Next Olga Appears and stuns Raiden.

Raiden wakes up in a toture room of Arsenal Gear. Olga explains that she’s a double agent and that the Patriots have stolen her child. According to them, if Raiden dies, her child dies. She stunned him to allow him to enter into Arsenal Gear. Once released, Raiden finds Snake. Afterwards Snake faces Fortune, last member of Dead Cell, while Solidus Snake launches a Metal Gear Ray army on Raiden. Metal Gear Ray are too many, but Olga comes to help Raiden, however Solidus kills her. The time gained has allowed the virus to infect all the Ray, which now won’t work.

Shortly after, Snake and Raiden find themselves handcuffed on the Arsenal Gear’s roof. Solidus reveals to them a list of names of the Patriots and his true intention : to destroy the organization. Next, Ocelot appears and tells them that in fact all was planned. The terrorist incident is an exercise orchestrated by the Patriots. The events, a reproduction of the Shadow Moses incident, were engineered as part of the S3 Plan, a program that seeks to create the perfect soldier, S3 meaning Solid Snake Simulation. Everything was scripted, except for the appearance of the real Solid Snake on the Big Shell. Liquid takes precedence over Ocelot’s mind and tells them he still wants to kill Snake and the Patriots. He flees on a Metal Gear Ray, and Solid Snake sets off in pursuit of him. Then Arsenal Gear collides with Manhattan, and Solidus and Raiden are projected onto the Federal Hall’s roof. They clash and Raiden kills Solidus Snake.

In the end, we hear a communication between Snake and Otacon, who thinks he has found a list of the Patriots. They are 12, however, from the list, they are all dead … This list is in actually a list of the 12 Philosophers founder members (MGS 3), and the Patriots represent the Philosophers American branch.