For this second chapter on the Metal Gear Solid saga, I will talk about MGS 1, the first game in the saga.

In chronological terms, it’s the second story, taking place in 2005, so forty years after MGS 3, in Shadow Moses, near ALaska’s costs.

Big Boss is dead, and following genetic tests, two children are artificially created, from genes of the famous Big Boss. These two children are called Solid Snake, and Liquid Snake. The second is the leader of the FoxHound unit, and with the help of his soldiers, he rebels and takes control of the nuclear installation on the Shadow Moses island. The first, elite soldier, specialist in infiltration, was called by the American government to stop the threat from his brother, and to rescue the hostages. Liquid wants the remains of Big Boss and one billion dollars, and is threatening to launch a nuclear warhead on the White House.
So Solid Snake infiltrates the complex and meets several people. The first, Meryl Silverburgh, is a rookie and the niece of his colonel. He gets along with her, and she helps him during the time of his mission. Then Snake learn that the nuclear weapon which Liquid Snake wants to use is a highly evolved form of the Shagohod, called Metal Gear Rex, which can be activated by two codes held by the leader of the DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) and by the president of a weapon company, called ArmsTech.

Soon after, Solid Snake meets Ocelot, who is older and especially more vicious and sadistic than forty years ago. He also became a revolver expert, and is called Revolver Ocelot. He formed an alliance with Liquid Snake, and tries to kill Liquid’s brother. But during the fight, a mysterious ninja interferes and cuts Ocelot’s right arm, who leaves before being killed.

Snake continues on his way, and meets Hal Emmerich, a scientist who participated in the Metal Gear Rex development, who calls himself Otacon. Then he meets members of the FoxHound unit, an elite unit created by Liquid Snake. He kills almost all the unit’s members, with the exception of Sniper Wolf, one of FoxHound’s women, who seriously hurts and captures him.

His brother Liquid reveals to him that they are genetic clones of Big Boss, from the “Les Enfants Terribles” project. This project aimed to create the most powerful warrior possible using Big Boss as a model. Liquid confesses to Solid Snake that he hates him because he would have received dominant genes from Big Boss’ DNA, while him, would have had recessive genes. Solid Snake is then tortured by Ocelot, but manages to escape thanks to Otacon.

Then Snake kills Sniper Wolf, in a sniper rifle duel. Afterwards he learns that he carries the virus “Fox Die”, a genetically modified virus which, simulates a heart attack, and kills people who come into contact with the virus or the carrier. Snake reaches Metal Gear REX, and carries out instructions given to him to disable it. However it was a trap, and unintentionally, he activates the nuclear weapon.

Liquid takes control of Rex and attacks Solid Snake. The latter, helped by the mysterious ninja, wishing to redeem his past, succeeds in destroying Rex. The ninja will leave life during the fight. But Liquid is not dead, and after a hand-to-hand combat, and a pursuit, he is in a position to kill his brother. But he suddenly dies, struck by the FoxDie virus.

Finally, Snake manages to escape and disappear into the wild, and pretends to be dead (drowned in the Arctic).

Next we hear Ocelot on the phone, explaining that Liquid was wrong because he had superior genes to Solid Snake. We also learn that he speaks with the third child of the “Les Enfants Terribles” project, who is actually the current president of the United States, George Sears.