Hi everybody, today I will talk to you about the Metal Gear Solid saga. More precisely, about the story of this amazing saga!

Later in the text, when I talk about Metal Gear Solid, I will say MGS.

First of all you have to know that Metal Gear Solid is a game. 4 games were created, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, and without surprise… MGS4 ^^

Why am I going to explain this story to you? Simply because it’s my favourite game, and I want to tell you about this wonderful story! So let’s start!

I shall begin by describing the story of MGS 3, as it is set in an earlier time than the other games, and is therefore the beginningof the saga.

We will begin in 1964, at the beginning of the cold war. A man, called Naked Snake (it’s a code name), elite soldier of the USA, has a mission : to find and to rescue a genius soviet engineer, called Sokolov, captured in the USSR. 

His mission is divided into 2 parts. The first is the Vertuous Mission (and not the Virtuous Mission). During his mission, Naked Snake finds Sokolov, who shows him the weapon he’s building : The Shagohod. This weapon is a nuclear tank, which can launch nuclear missiles all over the world. The man responsible for this weapon’s creation is a Russian colonel, called Volgin.

After finding Sokolov, Naked Snake meets his old mentor, a woman called The Boss, and the best elite soldier of the USA at this time.  Then he learns that The Boss has defected to the East, and joined Colonel Volgin. The Boss has also re-formed the Cobra Unit, made up of 5 of her best soldiers. She hurts Naked Snake and takes Sokolov with her, then she offers two nuclear warhead to Volgin. He uses one of them on a research Russian centre. Snake is finally repatriated to the USA.

The second part of the mission is called The Snake Eater Operation. Naked Snake returns to the Russian jungle to rescue Sokolov, but he has three other missions to accomplish : to destroy the Shagohod, to kill The Boss, and to find the Philosopher’s Legacy.

The Shagohod is a very strong menace to the USA, so they want him to destroy the nuclear tank.

He has to kill The Boss because Krouchtchev, the USSR president believes that the USA are responsible for the nuclear attack, and he asks that the USA kill The Boss to prove their innocence. So, to avoid a new world war, Naked Snake, has to kill his old mentor.

The Philosopher’s Legacy is a big some of money, accumulated by the USA, the USSR, and China, during the two world wars. In the confusion of the wars, Volgin’s father stole the legacy, and now, his son holds all the money.

In the Russian jungle, Snake meets Eva, his contact, infiltrated in Volgin’s group. He fights with Ocelot too, a Russian Major, member of GRU, working for Volgin and a great fan of revolvers. Nobody is able to take the advantage of the other, and Snake can finally escape. Later he meets the members of the Cobra Unit, and he manages to kill them all, one by one.

Then Snake arrives in Groznyj Grad, a big fortress where the Shagohod is developed. But he’s captured and tortured. During the torture, he loses an eye because of Ocelot and his revolver. He is finally able to escape, thanks to Eva.

So he decides to go back to Groznyj Grad, and completes his mission. He fights with Volgin, and kills him… he thinks! Because Volgin is not dead and attemps to use the Shagohod to kill Naked Snake. But Snake is able to put C3 on a bridge, and destroy the Shagohod. Then Volgin is finally struck dead by lightning. So Snaked has one mission remaining : to kill The Boss.

During an intense fight, the trainee manages to kill his mentor, with his own hands. Afterwards he escapes by plane with Eva.

He gets the title of Big Boss by the president of the USA (because he killed The Boss, and Boss is the title of the best elite soldier of the country). But he learns that Eva works in fact for China, and she has stolen the Philosopher’s Legacy. She had a mission to kill him too, but she didn’t, because she made a promise to The Boss. Snake learns too that The Boss had in reality not defected from her country. She knew that the American government would try to kill her to prove their innocence, after the nuclear warhead was launched by Volgin at the end of the Vertuous Mission. She accepted it, she knew she would die at the end of the mission, so everything she did, she did for her country! The world will know her as a big traitor, although she’s in fact a true patriot, and a true hero!

At the end of the game we learn that Ocelot is in truth an agent, working for the CIA. And the legacy stolen by Eva was a fake, the real one being held by Ocelot.