I’m stuck on a desert island, and I can bring 8 songs with me. Here is my list :

1. Bonne année pour baiser by Choum

I choose this song because it’s certainly the song that made me the most fun in my life! Take it to the second degree ^^

It’s THE song of the new year, and even during other parties, it promises a great part of fun!

2. La tribu de Dana by Manau

I listened to this song very often when I was younger and I still like it as much now. I know the words by heart.

3. Freed from desire by Galla

As the song n°2, this song is a part of my youth, it’s still my favorite song. It was this song that made me interested in this style of music. I won this CD by buying a menu at the Quick restaurant in the end of the 90’s. Since this moment, it became, my best friend and I, our favorite song! We always say it’s OUR song ^^

I’m still always happy when I hear it in a night club or during a party.

4. Wati by night by Sexion D’assaut

I would bring this song because I listened very often with my friends lately, so it will remind me them.

5. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

I’m a big fan of Rocky, so like the other fans, I love this song. I listen it to give me more motivation.

6. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme by Harry Gregson-Williams

I find that Metal Gear Solid is the best game of all time. The main theme of this game is simply awesome, I think that the symphonie is really captivating.

7. Vem dançar kuduro by Lucenzo

I went to Portugal this summer, and it’s one of the songs we have often listened. I have dance a lot on this song  so it brings back memories.

8. Maybe Tomorow by Stereophonics

I find that this song is very nice. It’s a relaxing song too, and the singer voice is amazing!

I’m lucky!! I can take a book and a luxury item too, so I will explain you what items I would take and the reasons why.

Book : Where is Waldo? (in french : Où est Charly ?)

I don’t like reading so I would take a book with least possible text. I think “Where is Waldo?” correspond very well. Moreover it’s very funny.

Luxury item : I’m on a deserted island, so much to enjoy!
I would take a great surfboard for surfing in water and on the waves all the day. Preferably with a pretty girl drawn on it, so I’ll feel less alone.