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Lipdub Polytech’ Paris Sud

Here you will see the official lipdub of the Polytech’ Paris Sud high school!

Many students of Polytech’ Paris Sud and most of Hatzupis were present to participate at our school’s lipdub. It was really fun, many original suits were in favour. I let you judge it by yourself.

Special mention for the Hatzupi boys band on the bar! (It’s normal, I was one of them ^^)



Hello and welcome on my blog!!!

 Welcome to my blog. This is here you’ll see informations about me !

My name is Maxime Weill and I was born in Paris in 1988 on the 13 of May.

I’m a trainee and I study electrical engineering  at Polytech’ Paris-Sud in Cachan, and at the same time, I work on nuclear power plants at EDF, in Tours.

To start, my first objective is to have my master degree, then I will leave school and go where I want!

Going where I want? This is exactly my second wish!

I will take advantage of my youth to do very far trips (and also the longest as possible). The first country I will visit is Japan! I’m not as fan as Luc of Japan but I really like this country and I think it’s the best place to see a different culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, I love Japanese food!

I have said “take advantage of my youth”? So it means…… doing PARTIES!!! Yes, I really hope to participate at the most of parties it will be possible, and especially at the Hatzupi’s parties! Hatzupi is the group of the best trainees of Polytech’ Paris Sud (it means us). I could show you many pictures of our parties but I will not because it could hurt some people’s feelings.

To do all of these things I need money. Although I will be engineer (and I will earn lot of money!), I’m sure it won’t be enough. So I plan to win at Loto and become rich! In fact, not at Loto but at Euromillion, I will be richer ^^

After this enjoying but tiring period I will think about getting married and having children……….. No it’s a joke!!!! I will be rich so I can have all the women I want!

I hope you enjoyed reading my description and my wihses for the future and I say to you “see you soon”!