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The seventh edition of the Inter Polytech Tournament (TIP in french) began  the first of April 2011, in Marseille, and it’s not a joke ^^. This tournament brings together all schools of the Polytech network, ie twelve schools.

It lasts three days, and during these days, all the participants face in many tests. Each test gives one price, but the most important price for all people is the ambiance price. That’s why everybody is singing and yelling all the times!

We also took part in two parties. The best party had for theme : “Leather and Moustache!” It was very funny and many costumes were very successful!


We finish now this story with the last game of the saga : MGS 4.

The story takes place in 2014, five years after the incident in Manhattan (MGS 2), in a world where military interventions in foreign countries are restricted, causing the emergence of private military companies (PMCs). The war and its economy are controlled by the Sons Of the Patriots (SOP) system, an AI that governs every soldier and weapon through nanotechnology. At the head of the five largest PMCs, Liquid Ocelot (Liquid Snake has totally taken control of Revolver Ocelot) plans to hijack the system in order to raise an insurrection against the Patriots and pursue Big Boss’ idealistic intentions.

Snake, meanwhile, is experiencing accelerated aging due to his status as a clone, and has less than a year to live. When his former commanding officer Roy Campbell (from MGS 1) approaches him with one last mission : to terminate Liquid, Snake accepts and is dropped into the Middle Eastern war zone where Liquid is believed to be hiding.

The hero is going to the Advent Palace where he will meet the U.S. Marines’ informants : The Rat Patrol Team 01. The team is led by Meryl Silverburgh, old friend of Snake and Colonel Roy Campbell’s niece. Then Snake succeeds in locating Liquid in a camp. But when he’s preparing to eliminate him, a strange uneasiness seizes him and all the soldiers on the spot, causing them to collapse in grief and remorse or fight between themselves… Liquid has made a first attempt to hack the SOP system. Snake receives a serum from Naomi Hunter (she had injected him the FoxDie virus just before MGS 1, believing he had killed her brother), then he’s discharged by the Rat Patrol Team.

Then Otacon discovers a video message sent by Naomi Hunter. We see her held hostage in South America. Snake infiltrates the area and learns that the Patriots have now formed a network of five AIs : GW (supposedly destroyed in 2009), TJ, TR and AL, which operate under the supervision of the Central AI JD (all names are the initials of U.S. Presidents). Snake finds Naomi, who tells him that eventually, the FoxDie virus won’t threaten only those for which it was intended, but any person, transforming Snake into a “mass destruction walking weapon”. A little while later, Snake meets Laughting Octopus, a member of the Beauty and the Beast (B&B) group, which works for Ocelot. After killing her, he and Naomi find themselves surrounded by PMC soldiers, Gekkos (robots that look like small Metal Gear) and … Vamp! Indeed, Vamp is immortal thanks to his nanomachines, and wasn’t killed by the headshot he received from Raiden fives years ago! Fortunately, Raiden intervenes and allows Snake and Naomi to escape. The fight between Raiden (now a cyborg ninja) and Vamp doesn’t give a winner. Vamp injured, falls asleep, while Raiden seriously injured, is evacuated by Snake.

Next Naomi reveals that Big Boss is clinically alive, at least its cells, and his brain is blocked by nanomachines. Her body is held by a rebel group called Lost Paradise, located in Eastern Europe. Their leader, Big Mama, is in fact Eva (from MGS 3), surrogate mother of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake. She also reveals the origins of the Patriots, founded by Major Zero (Big Boss’ commander in MGS 3) forty years earlier. Then Snake confronts and kills Raving Raven, another member of the B&B unit. Afterwards they go on a boat where Big Boss’ body is located. However, the boat is destroyed by Liquid Ocelot, who breaks down all U.S. military’s weapons in controlling the SOP system. He throws Big Boss’ body in the fire, and Eva, in an attempt to save him, is badly burnt. She dies in Snake’s arms shortly after.

Liquid Ocelot intends to destroy JD, the Patriots’ core AI, with a nuclear strike, then substitute it with his own core, and gain control. To this end, he needs the only remaining non ID-tagged warhead, the Metal Gear REX’s railgun, in the Shadow Moses facility. So Snake returns to Shadow Moses, to prevent Liquid from stealing the REX, where they faced off nine years earlier. He meets Crying Wolf, third member of the B&B unit, and defeats her in the same place he had killed Sniper Wolf in MGS 1. When he reaches REX’s hangar, Vamp is waiting for him. He fights Vamp one on one, and then suppresses Vamp’s nanomachines, which made him immortal. Thanks to this, Raiden fights Vamp again, and kills him, once and for all! Naomi, revealing she’s riddled with cancer and tormented by her mistakes, disables the nanomachines that kept her alive. Then Snake, operating REX, is left to duel with Metal Gear RAY, piloted by Liquid. After both Metal Gears are destroyed, Liquid reveals Outer Haven, a submersible warship ready to fulfill his launch plan. Liquid uses this weapon as a ram to kill Snake, but Raiden, who cut off his arm to free himself, saves him.

Snake then penetrates the warship to enter the server room containing the GW system and to introduce a computer virus designed by Naomi and Sunny (Olga Gurlukovich’s daughter) to stop the nuclear strike on JD. On the way, Snake crosses paths with Screaming Mantis, last member of the B&B unit, and after killing her, manages to insert the virus, which destroys not only GW but also all the Patriots AI components, disabling all the defense systems of Liquid’s troops. Then Liquid Ocelot finds Snake on Outer Heaven’s roof, and he reveals to him his true intentions. All that Snake has successfully succeded in doing was prepared and supervised by Liquid. The Patriots had planned that Snake would kill Liquid, giving them total control of the SOP system, but they didn’t expect Snake to destroy the system. He pretended to be possessed by Liquid so that the Patriots would not suspect him, leaving Snake to inject the virus. Following this revelation, they engage in an epic battle, which Solid Snake wins.

His mission over, Snake meditates on The Boss and Big Boss’ graves and then prepares to kill himself to stop the FoxDie mutation. This suicide is, in his own words, his « last mission ».  Yet Snake does not end his life.Big Boss, very much alive, appears and explains that the body burned in Eastern Europe was actually that of Solidus Snake and reveals that the Patriots were originally an interpretation of The Boss’ will, founded by Major Zero, Eva, Ocelot, Sigint (who helped Big Boss in MGS 3), Para-Medic (who gave medical instructions to Big Boss during the Snake Eater operation), and Big Boss himself. With increasing power, two rival factions arose within the Patriots’ ranks, Zero’s who stood for complete control, and Big Boss’, who dreamed of a soldier’s world. Eva and Ocelot joined Big Boss in his cause.

Big Boss informs Snake that the nanomachines, that were injected into him included a new strain of FoxDie, programmed by the Patriot AIs to kill the rival Patriot faction and eradicate the old versions of FoxDie. Thus, Snake has no risk of becoming a biological weapon, at least not before his own death. Big Boss succumbs to FoxDie, but not before he makes amends with Snake.

We continue this incredible saga with the second game, MGS 2.

The story takes place two and a half years after MGS 1. We are in 2007, and the hero, Solid Snake linked up with Otacon (from MGS 1). Together, they created “Philantropy”, a non-governmental organization fighting against Metal Gear proliferation, which are created around the world.

The game is divided into two parts. The first happens on a tanker off New York. According to an anonymous source, a new Metal Gear prototype, developed by the U.S. Marines would be in the tanker. So Snake infiltrates the ship;  he’s not alone, because a group of spetsnaz troops take control of the tanker and kill marines on the deck. Sergei Gurlukovich, a colonel of GRU, and Revolver Ocelot, lead them. Snake faces Olga, the colonel’s daughter, but doesn’t kill her. Next he discovers the new Marines’ weapon, the Metal Gear Ray, an improved and amphibious version of Metal Gear Rex. Shortly after, Ocelot betrays and kills Sergei, he’s there to steal the Metal Gear Ray, or as he says, “to take it back!” When Snake tries to stop him, Ocelot’s personality changes. After his death, Liquid Snake’s arm was grafted onto Ocelot, and when he sees Solid Snake, Liquid takes over his mind. He promises a revenge to his brother, and then after regaining his consciousness, Ocelot sinks the tanker and escapes with the Metal Gear Ray.

The second part of the game takes place two years later. We are in 2009, and following the tanker accident, a decontamination factory called “Big Shell”, was created to clean the water, 30 miles off Manhattan. On April 29, 2009, a terrorist group called the «Sons of Liberty» storms the Big Shell. They are led by Solidus Snake, who is the third clone child of Big Boss, from the “Les Enfants Terribles” project, and also former U.S. president (so his real name is George Sears). This group is composed of Ocelot, a group of three people with special powers called Dead Cell, and Olga Gurlukovich, who came with all her soldiers.

The gamer controls Raiden in this part, a U.S. Special Forces officer, whose mission is to infiltrate the Big Shell, free the hostages, save the current U.S. president from the scene at the time of the attack, and neutralize the terrorists. In parallel, Navy SEAL members attempt an intervention but are massacred by Dead Cell. Raiden meets Iroquois Pliskin, a Navy SEAL lieutenant who helps him to progress. He also meets Dead Cell’s members, and manages to kill one, Fatman, a bomb expert. Then he joins the U.S. president, who reveals the truth about the Big Shell. This is not a decontamination factory, but the development centre of the Arsenal Gear, a gigantic submarine, which houses the GW, a data processing system with supercomputers designed to control the flow of digital information passing on global networks. The President explains that democracy in the United States is a sham and that the country is actually controlled by a secret organization, “the Patriots”. “Politics, the military, the economy … they control everything”. He gives Raiden a disc containing a computer virus, which is able to destroy GW, then Ocelot comes and kills the president.

Raiden escapes and goes to see Emma Emmerich, engineer on the GW project, who knows how to implant the virus, and also half sister of Otacon. She manages to locate the virus, but is seriously hurt by Vamp, a Dead Cell member, who is killed by Raiden, with a headshot. Then she dies in her brother’s arms. The virus doesn’t seem to take effect, thus Iroquois Pliskin, who is in fact Solid Snake, and Raiden, decide to enter into the Arsenal Gear to stop it. Next Olga Appears and stuns Raiden.

Raiden wakes up in a toture room of Arsenal Gear. Olga explains that she’s a double agent and that the Patriots have stolen her child. According to them, if Raiden dies, her child dies. She stunned him to allow him to enter into Arsenal Gear. Once released, Raiden finds Snake. Afterwards Snake faces Fortune, last member of Dead Cell, while Solidus Snake launches a Metal Gear Ray army on Raiden. Metal Gear Ray are too many, but Olga comes to help Raiden, however Solidus kills her. The time gained has allowed the virus to infect all the Ray, which now won’t work.

Shortly after, Snake and Raiden find themselves handcuffed on the Arsenal Gear’s roof. Solidus reveals to them a list of names of the Patriots and his true intention : to destroy the organization. Next, Ocelot appears and tells them that in fact all was planned. The terrorist incident is an exercise orchestrated by the Patriots. The events, a reproduction of the Shadow Moses incident, were engineered as part of the S3 Plan, a program that seeks to create the perfect soldier, S3 meaning Solid Snake Simulation. Everything was scripted, except for the appearance of the real Solid Snake on the Big Shell. Liquid takes precedence over Ocelot’s mind and tells them he still wants to kill Snake and the Patriots. He flees on a Metal Gear Ray, and Solid Snake sets off in pursuit of him. Then Arsenal Gear collides with Manhattan, and Solidus and Raiden are projected onto the Federal Hall’s roof. They clash and Raiden kills Solidus Snake.

In the end, we hear a communication between Snake and Otacon, who thinks he has found a list of the Patriots. They are 12, however, from the list, they are all dead … This list is in actually a list of the 12 Philosophers founder members (MGS 3), and the Patriots represent the Philosophers American branch.

For this second chapter on the Metal Gear Solid saga, I will talk about MGS 1, the first game in the saga.

In chronological terms, it’s the second story, taking place in 2005, so forty years after MGS 3, in Shadow Moses, near ALaska’s costs.

Big Boss is dead, and following genetic tests, two children are artificially created, from genes of the famous Big Boss. These two children are called Solid Snake, and Liquid Snake. The second is the leader of the FoxHound unit, and with the help of his soldiers, he rebels and takes control of the nuclear installation on the Shadow Moses island. The first, elite soldier, specialist in infiltration, was called by the American government to stop the threat from his brother, and to rescue the hostages. Liquid wants the remains of Big Boss and one billion dollars, and is threatening to launch a nuclear warhead on the White House.
So Solid Snake infiltrates the complex and meets several people. The first, Meryl Silverburgh, is a rookie and the niece of his colonel. He gets along with her, and she helps him during the time of his mission. Then Snake learn that the nuclear weapon which Liquid Snake wants to use is a highly evolved form of the Shagohod, called Metal Gear Rex, which can be activated by two codes held by the leader of the DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) and by the president of a weapon company, called ArmsTech.

Soon after, Solid Snake meets Ocelot, who is older and especially more vicious and sadistic than forty years ago. He also became a revolver expert, and is called Revolver Ocelot. He formed an alliance with Liquid Snake, and tries to kill Liquid’s brother. But during the fight, a mysterious ninja interferes and cuts Ocelot’s right arm, who leaves before being killed.

Snake continues on his way, and meets Hal Emmerich, a scientist who participated in the Metal Gear Rex development, who calls himself Otacon. Then he meets members of the FoxHound unit, an elite unit created by Liquid Snake. He kills almost all the unit’s members, with the exception of Sniper Wolf, one of FoxHound’s women, who seriously hurts and captures him.

His brother Liquid reveals to him that they are genetic clones of Big Boss, from the “Les Enfants Terribles” project. This project aimed to create the most powerful warrior possible using Big Boss as a model. Liquid confesses to Solid Snake that he hates him because he would have received dominant genes from Big Boss’ DNA, while him, would have had recessive genes. Solid Snake is then tortured by Ocelot, but manages to escape thanks to Otacon.

Then Snake kills Sniper Wolf, in a sniper rifle duel. Afterwards he learns that he carries the virus “Fox Die”, a genetically modified virus which, simulates a heart attack, and kills people who come into contact with the virus or the carrier. Snake reaches Metal Gear REX, and carries out instructions given to him to disable it. However it was a trap, and unintentionally, he activates the nuclear weapon.

Liquid takes control of Rex and attacks Solid Snake. The latter, helped by the mysterious ninja, wishing to redeem his past, succeeds in destroying Rex. The ninja will leave life during the fight. But Liquid is not dead, and after a hand-to-hand combat, and a pursuit, he is in a position to kill his brother. But he suddenly dies, struck by the FoxDie virus.

Finally, Snake manages to escape and disappear into the wild, and pretends to be dead (drowned in the Arctic).

Next we hear Ocelot on the phone, explaining that Liquid was wrong because he had superior genes to Solid Snake. We also learn that he speaks with the third child of the “Les Enfants Terribles” project, who is actually the current president of the United States, George Sears.

Hi everybody, today I will talk to you about the Metal Gear Solid saga. More precisely, about the story of this amazing saga!

Later in the text, when I talk about Metal Gear Solid, I will say MGS.

First of all you have to know that Metal Gear Solid is a game. 4 games were created, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, and without surprise… MGS4 ^^

Why am I going to explain this story to you? Simply because it’s my favourite game, and I want to tell you about this wonderful story! So let’s start!

I shall begin by describing the story of MGS 3, as it is set in an earlier time than the other games, and is therefore the beginningof the saga.

We will begin in 1964, at the beginning of the cold war. A man, called Naked Snake (it’s a code name), elite soldier of the USA, has a mission : to find and to rescue a genius soviet engineer, called Sokolov, captured in the USSR. 

His mission is divided into 2 parts. The first is the Vertuous Mission (and not the Virtuous Mission). During his mission, Naked Snake finds Sokolov, who shows him the weapon he’s building : The Shagohod. This weapon is a nuclear tank, which can launch nuclear missiles all over the world. The man responsible for this weapon’s creation is a Russian colonel, called Volgin.

After finding Sokolov, Naked Snake meets his old mentor, a woman called The Boss, and the best elite soldier of the USA at this time.  Then he learns that The Boss has defected to the East, and joined Colonel Volgin. The Boss has also re-formed the Cobra Unit, made up of 5 of her best soldiers. She hurts Naked Snake and takes Sokolov with her, then she offers two nuclear warhead to Volgin. He uses one of them on a research Russian centre. Snake is finally repatriated to the USA.

The second part of the mission is called The Snake Eater Operation. Naked Snake returns to the Russian jungle to rescue Sokolov, but he has three other missions to accomplish : to destroy the Shagohod, to kill The Boss, and to find the Philosopher’s Legacy.

The Shagohod is a very strong menace to the USA, so they want him to destroy the nuclear tank.

He has to kill The Boss because Krouchtchev, the USSR president believes that the USA are responsible for the nuclear attack, and he asks that the USA kill The Boss to prove their innocence. So, to avoid a new world war, Naked Snake, has to kill his old mentor.

The Philosopher’s Legacy is a big some of money, accumulated by the USA, the USSR, and China, during the two world wars. In the confusion of the wars, Volgin’s father stole the legacy, and now, his son holds all the money.

In the Russian jungle, Snake meets Eva, his contact, infiltrated in Volgin’s group. He fights with Ocelot too, a Russian Major, member of GRU, working for Volgin and a great fan of revolvers. Nobody is able to take the advantage of the other, and Snake can finally escape. Later he meets the members of the Cobra Unit, and he manages to kill them all, one by one.

Then Snake arrives in Groznyj Grad, a big fortress where the Shagohod is developed. But he’s captured and tortured. During the torture, he loses an eye because of Ocelot and his revolver. He is finally able to escape, thanks to Eva.

So he decides to go back to Groznyj Grad, and completes his mission. He fights with Volgin, and kills him… he thinks! Because Volgin is not dead and attemps to use the Shagohod to kill Naked Snake. But Snake is able to put C3 on a bridge, and destroy the Shagohod. Then Volgin is finally struck dead by lightning. So Snaked has one mission remaining : to kill The Boss.

During an intense fight, the trainee manages to kill his mentor, with his own hands. Afterwards he escapes by plane with Eva.

He gets the title of Big Boss by the president of the USA (because he killed The Boss, and Boss is the title of the best elite soldier of the country). But he learns that Eva works in fact for China, and she has stolen the Philosopher’s Legacy. She had a mission to kill him too, but she didn’t, because she made a promise to The Boss. Snake learns too that The Boss had in reality not defected from her country. She knew that the American government would try to kill her to prove their innocence, after the nuclear warhead was launched by Volgin at the end of the Vertuous Mission. She accepted it, she knew she would die at the end of the mission, so everything she did, she did for her country! The world will know her as a big traitor, although she’s in fact a true patriot, and a true hero!

At the end of the game we learn that Ocelot is in truth an agent, working for the CIA. And the legacy stolen by Eva was a fake, the real one being held by Ocelot.

Desert Island Discs

I’m stuck on a desert island, and I can bring 8 songs with me. Here is my list :

1. Bonne année pour baiser by Choum

I choose this song because it’s certainly the song that made me the most fun in my life! Take it to the second degree ^^

It’s THE song of the new year, and even during other parties, it promises a great part of fun!

2. La tribu de Dana by Manau

I listened to this song very often when I was younger and I still like it as much now. I know the words by heart.

3. Freed from desire by Galla

As the song n°2, this song is a part of my youth, it’s still my favorite song. It was this song that made me interested in this style of music. I won this CD by buying a menu at the Quick restaurant in the end of the 90’s. Since this moment, it became, my best friend and I, our favorite song! We always say it’s OUR song ^^

I’m still always happy when I hear it in a night club or during a party.

4. Wati by night by Sexion D’assaut

I would bring this song because I listened very often with my friends lately, so it will remind me them.

5. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

I’m a big fan of Rocky, so like the other fans, I love this song. I listen it to give me more motivation.

6. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme by Harry Gregson-Williams

I find that Metal Gear Solid is the best game of all time. The main theme of this game is simply awesome, I think that the symphonie is really captivating.

7. Vem dançar kuduro by Lucenzo

I went to Portugal this summer, and it’s one of the songs we have often listened. I have dance a lot on this song  so it brings back memories.

8. Maybe Tomorow by Stereophonics

I find that this song is very nice. It’s a relaxing song too, and the singer voice is amazing!

I’m lucky!! I can take a book and a luxury item too, so I will explain you what items I would take and the reasons why.

Book : Where is Waldo? (in french : Où est Charly ?)

I don’t like reading so I would take a book with least possible text. I think “Where is Waldo?” correspond very well. Moreover it’s very funny.

Luxury item : I’m on a deserted island, so much to enjoy!
I would take a great surfboard for surfing in water and on the waves all the day. Preferably with a pretty girl drawn on it, so I’ll feel less alone.

Lipdub Polytech’ Paris Sud

Here you will see the official lipdub of the Polytech’ Paris Sud high school!

Many students of Polytech’ Paris Sud and most of Hatzupis were present to participate at our school’s lipdub. It was really fun, many original suits were in favour. I let you judge it by yourself.

Special mention for the Hatzupi boys band on the bar! (It’s normal, I was one of them ^^)


Hello and welcome on my blog!!!

 Welcome to my blog. This is here you’ll see informations about me !

My name is Maxime Weill and I was born in Paris in 1988 on the 13 of May.

I’m a trainee and I study electrical engineering  at Polytech’ Paris-Sud in Cachan, and at the same time, I work on nuclear power plants at EDF, in Tours.

To start, my first objective is to have my master degree, then I will leave school and go where I want!

Going where I want? This is exactly my second wish!

I will take advantage of my youth to do very far trips (and also the longest as possible). The first country I will visit is Japan! I’m not as fan as Luc of Japan but I really like this country and I think it’s the best place to see a different culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, I love Japanese food!

I have said “take advantage of my youth”? So it means…… doing PARTIES!!! Yes, I really hope to participate at the most of parties it will be possible, and especially at the Hatzupi’s parties! Hatzupi is the group of the best trainees of Polytech’ Paris Sud (it means us). I could show you many pictures of our parties but I will not because it could hurt some people’s feelings.

To do all of these things I need money. Although I will be engineer (and I will earn lot of money!), I’m sure it won’t be enough. So I plan to win at Loto and become rich! In fact, not at Loto but at Euromillion, I will be richer ^^

After this enjoying but tiring period I will think about getting married and having children……….. No it’s a joke!!!! I will be rich so I can have all the women I want!

I hope you enjoyed reading my description and my wihses for the future and I say to you “see you soon”!